Macroeconomics of climate change and adaptation (to 2050)

Gemmes VN - session 3GEMMES VN Project has launched a webinar series dedicated to disseminate its preliminary research results.

Thi Anh-Dao TRAN (Research Associate at IRASEC) and her PhD student presented in the 3rd session held on 17th December 2020 in Hanoi and online for participants.

Chaired by Mrs DANG Thi Thu Hoai (CIEM, Ministry of Planning and Investment, Vietnam), this 3rd workshop’s topic of this series was dedicated to “Macroeconomics of climate change and adaptation (to 2050)” with the presentation of the following works:

  1. Vietnam’s trade led growth, balance of payments and macroeconomic resilience (Authors: MANIA Elodie, RIEBER Arsène, TRAN Thi Anh-Dao)
  2. A Stock-Flow Coherent macro model of Vietnam with climate impacts and adaptation (Authors: NGUYEN Thu Ha, Reyes Luis, ESPAGNE Etienne, MAZIER Jacques, BRILLET Jean-Louis)
  3. The GEMMES Vietnam project’s website: a platform on climate impacts and adaptation (Presentation by THANH Ngo-Duc (USTH team) and ESPAGNE Etienne (AFD))

Gemmes VN - session 3   Gemmes VN - session 3