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Cultural identity and integration of Bugis and Minangkabau in the metropolis (Jakarta, Indonesia)


Author: Wahyuddin, Padirman
Under the direction of: Olivier Sevin and de Marie-Christine Bonneau
Sorbonne University
Langue française Texte français

Keywords: Geography, Indonesia, Bugis, Minangkabau, Migration, Jakarta, Identity, Integration, Indonesia, Collective identity.


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This dissertation is concerned with the questions of the identity and integration of the Bugis, an ethnic group from South Sulawesi, and the Minangkabau from West Sumatra in the urban space of Jakarta. The research problems are as follows : how did these two groups merge within the metropolitan urban space ? Did they succeed in preserving their cultural identities or did these identities dissolve ? The dissertation begins with the study of their migratory route towards Jakarta. The objective is to learn in detail the context and the conditions of these migrations. At the second part, it discusses the question of identity. The arrival and the integration of the migrants from different cultures in the capital city of Indonesia raise many questions of identity due to the coexistence between rural and urban identities, inter-ethnic relations, etc. The third part essentially deals with the question of the plurality of networks which has facilitated the integration of these different groups, also discuss the challenge of integration which related to the land insecurity status.