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Each year, IRASEC hosts internships for periods of four months each. The internship takes place at IRASEC’s headquarters in Bangkok (Thailand).

The Institute gives priority to Master’s students studying in the fields of political science, economics, contemporary history, and anthropology.

  • Internships last four months.
  • Duties consist mainly of copy-editing duties, media-monitoring of the ASEAN countries, putting together a timeline of major events throughout the year for each of the region’s 11 countries, among other duties. Upon completion of a successful interview with the Director, in addition to the editorial activities undertaken at IRASEC, interns may have the opportunity to pursue research related to their interests, which may even result in a publication in one of the Institute’s collections.
  • Travel and Accommodation Costs will not be borne by IRASEC.

Interested applicants should send a personal statement of interest and a letter of recommendation from an academic to the Institute’s administration at administration(at)irasec.com.

An internship at IRASEC provides the opportunity to work in a research laboratory with significant exposure to Southeast Asia.