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Investigating the Grey Areas of the Chinese communities in Southeast Asia

Investigating the Grey Areas of the Chinese communities in Southeast AsiaDirigé par Arnaud Leveau
IRASEC, Bangkok
mars 2007, 168 p.
ISBN : 978-974-7709-40-7
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Table of Contents


List of Contributors

The Papers

– The Ang-yi or Chinese Secret Societies of Thailand. Understanding a Total Social Phenomenon (Jean Baffie – CNRS-University of Provence)

– The Triads : Past and Present (T. A. Bancroft – BSc (Hons), MSc)

– Political influences of the Chinese communities in Thailand and Myanmar (Ratanaporn Dhammakosol, Politic Counscellor)

– Grey Side of Chinese Community in Indonesia (Frans Hendra Winarta – S.H., M.H)

– Triad Involvement in the Sex Service Industry in Hong Kong and Its Impacts on Southeast Asia (Dr CHU Yiu Kong, Assistant Professor – Department of Sociology, The University of Hong Kong)

– The Chinese diaspora and prostitution at the Thai-Malay frontier (Hat Yai, Sadao-Dannok, Betong and Sungai Kolok) (Dr. Emmanuel – Dialma, Jurist, AFESIP Campaign Director – and Dr. Pierre Le Roux, Ethnologist – AFESIP Research Unit Director)

– Triads : From street level to transnational crime, by Peter Michael, Journalist


– Notes on the Chinese communities in Burma and Thailand (Guy Lubeigt – CNRS-PRODIG)

– Notes on the foreign mafias in Thailand (Jean Baffie – CRNS University of Provence)

– Historical note on the Chinese communities in South-East Asia (Alain Forest – University of Paris VII, CNRS)

– Links between Organized Crime and terrorist networks (Philippe Migaux – Chief police superintendent, French Embassy in Malaysia

General Bibliography