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Elisabeth Luquin

Elisabeth Luquin


Statutory researcher from 2021 to 2023

Adjunct professor in the department of Anthropology of the University of the Philippines (Diliman) from February 1, 2023 until August 31, 2023.

elisabeth.luquin irasec.com


Elisabeth Luquin has a PhD in social anthropology and ethnology from the EHESS, a BA and MA degrees in Filipino and is qualified in sections 15 and 20 of the CNU (Nationnal Comission of the Universities). She is a lecturer in Filipino language and literature at the Institut national des langues et civilisations orientales (Inalco) and has been in charge of the "Languages of the Philippines" section and BA and MA degrees since 2007. Elisabeth has carried out numerous fieldwork in the archipelago, particularly among the Mangyan Patag and Iraya of Mindoro Island. She is a member of the Centre Asie du Sud-Est (CASE of CNRS/EHESS).

Her research interests include the study of rituals as organisers of societies without political institutions, myths, the notion of ancestrality in SEA, as well as the reflection on Filipino-tagalog grammar and the chronological approach to Philippine literatures.

Since September 1, 2021, as a CNRS delegate at IRASEC, she has been working on the diversity of Filipino religion, particularly in the independent local churches or churches/movements, and especially in the Philippine Mystic Church (Iglesia Mistica Filipina), as well as on the place of women in these churches.


Dernières publications :

2023 - avec Bonnet, François-Xavier, « Philippines : Le retour du clan Marcos », in Gabriel Facal et Jérôme Samuel (dir.) L’Asie du Sud-Est 2023. Bilan, enjeux et perspectives, Irasec

2022 - avec Bonnet, François-Xavier, «  Covid-19 An II  », in Christine Cabasset et Jérôme Samuel (dir.) L’Asie du Sud-Est 2022. Bilan, enjeux et perspectives, Irasec

2021 - "Dāniw Ancestors, Ritual, and Officiant as a Form of Authority in Mangyan Patag Society (Southeast Mindoro)", in Philippine Studies Historical and Ethnographic Viewpoints 69, NO. 1 (2021) 3–33, Ateneo de Manila University.

2019 - avec Raïssa Cabrera, Guide de conversation filipino (Philippines), 1ère édition, Lonely Planet, Paris, 256 pages.

2017  « Ang pagtuturo ng wikang Pilipino sa mga Pranses » [Enseigner le filipino aux étudiants français], Daluyan : Journal ng Wikang Filipino, Sentro ng Wikang Filipino, University of the Philippines, Quezon City

2013 - « De l’espagnol au multilinguisme », in Philippines Contemporaines, pp. 287-306, monographie de l’IRASEC (CNRS), sous la direction de William Guéraiche, les Indes Savantes, Paris

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