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Multidimensional approaches to the (New) Regional Order in the Indo-Pacific : views from Asia and the European Union


Affiche webinarA webinar (Zoom) co-organized by IRASEC and
the Embassy of France in Thailand
5th of May, from 2 pm to 6 pm (Bangkok Time)

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While the Covid-19 pandemics were going up and down, France and Europe have held their course to implement and develop their respective strategy in the Indo-Pacific which are closely interlinked. Both France and Europe have key interests in the region : territories, population, expatriates, trade partners. They are also military (in the case of France) and economic powers. France and EU are regular participants of the Shangri La Dialogue and of the ARF (ASEAN Regional Forum). Although the French and European Indo-Pacific strategies fundamentally intend to be inclusive and non-confrontational, they have to deal with emergence of a new “Great game” in the Indo-Pacific where several actors are interacting China and the USA but also (so-called) middle rank powers like ASEAN (members), India and Japan.

With their own Indo-Pacific strategies, France and the EU wish to show that an alternative vision to an increasingly confrontational environment can be built : by promoting multilateralism, upholding the rule of law and international norms, supporting an open and fair environment for trade, supporting connectivity and green transition, strengthening the response to global challenges. The French and European visions show several areas of convergence with the “ASEAN Outlook on the Indo-pacific”, particularly the promotion of multilateralism, inclusivity and a rules-based international order, and both strongly support ASEAN centrality. Far from implying a strategic refocusing on Europe, the war in Ukraine is a reminder of the importance of reaching out to the countries of South-east Asia and of an inclusive Indo‑Pacific strategy.


This webinar precisely intends :

Firstly, to get an official overview and feedback after the Ministerial Forum for Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific, organized in Paris on 22 February, which gathered 40 countries.

Secondly, to bring together researchers from ASEAN, India and Japan to share insights on two related issues, namely maritime security and climate change, based on their recent work and the latest regional developments.


22 avril 2022