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Consumer-green brand relationships: a conceptual framework and empirical analysis in Vietnam


Author: Pham, Thi Be Loan
Under the direction of: Pierre Valette-Florence
Grenoble Alpes University
English Language English text

Keywords: Management sciences, Vietnam, Relationship marketing, Brand relationship quality, Values, Social responsibility, Green brands, Green purchasing, Consumer preferences - Brand strategy - Green marketing - Vietnam


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This research contributes to the existing literature on consumer-brand relationships by developing a dynamic construct servicing as an alternative approach to studying social-environmental consumer intentions. It empirically validates a model of factors consisting of antecedents and consequences of two brand relationship quality (BRQ) components (Hot BRQ/Cold BRQ) based on three distinct sets of consumer values and two branches of social responsibility, which aims to synthesize findings on the drive of consumer–green brand relationships on consumers’ purchase and advocacy intentions in Vietnam. An extensive literature review generated the conceptual model, validated by a sequential exploratory approach combining qualitative research through 20 in-depth interviews and quantitative research as the dominant approach with a questionnaire survey to collect data from a sample of 525 respondents. The results support that Hot and Cold BRQ components have varying influences on consumers’ responses as a direct result of personal values, social values, culture and individual social responsibility. BRQ has direct and indirect influences on behavioral indicators of consumer perceptions of corporate social responsibility (CSR), willingness to pay a price premium, positive word-of-mouth and green purchase intentions, albeit with differing effects from both BRQ components. While hot BRQ tempts consumers to pay more for the brand and their perceptions of a company’s CSR activities, cold BRQ engenders sharing of positive reviews. These findings corroborate previous endeavors and shed light on novel insights for managers of green product brands.