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Paris Rive Gauche (France) and Semarang (Indonesia) : Two case studies of Urban Regeneration


Affiche UDDC CabassetLecture by Dr. Christine CABASSET,
Researcher and Publication Director of IRASEC

University of Chulalongkorn, Master of Science on Urban Strategies program

Urban Regeneration Seminar II – Under the Direction of Dr. Niramon SERISAKUL

Live on UDDC (Urban Design and Development Center)
29 April 2021, 6.00-8.00 pm

The presentation focuses on urban regeneration in a context of environmental challenges, even though both case studies are very different : in Paris Rive Gauche, “Environment” became a growing stake in the negotiations with the various partners -including local residents and users-, in the evolution of the project’s development plan, and the accessibility of the neighbourhood, among others. In the coastal city of Semarang, “Environment” is almost an existential issue (subsidence, flooding, sea level rise…). While people have learned to live with and the municipality is active on many fronts (revitalization of the Old Town for example), environmental matters raise a number of social and economic challenges. Governance, long-term planning, cooperation, are other topics explored.

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30 avril 2021