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Submit a manuscript

IRASEC examines for publication all original and unpublished research works submitted to it that fall within the thematic and disciplinary fields covered by the Institute. All proposed manuscripts are submitted for peer review by IRASEC researchers and the competent members of the Scientific Publications Board. The languages accepted are French and English.

Manuscripts should be sent by email to the management (jerome.samuel irasec.com and gabriel.facal irasec.com), in Word (or equivalent) and Pdf formats. The author’s name, status and institutional affiliation, if any, and e-mail address should appear at the top of the text. It is recommended to use the font Times New Roman 12 pts.

The length of the manuscripts depends on the series for which they are intended :

  • Chapter of L’Asie du Sud-Est. Bilan, enjeux et perspectives : 6,000 to 6,500 maximum,
  • IRASEC Discussion Papers : 8,000 to 15,000 words,
  • IRASEC Occasional Papers : 15,000 to 50,000 words,
  • Others : please contact us.


All manuscripts must be accompanied by an abstract of approximately 130 words, in the same language. Illustrations, which must be captioned in the language of the text, must be sent in 300 dpi resolution in JPEG or TIFF format. The position of the illustrations must be clearly indicated in the manuscript.

Once any changes have been made and the manuscript has been accepted for publication in its final form, the IRASEC editor will send the proofs by e-mail to the author for verification. In all cases, the editor will double-check the proof and endeavour to ensure that all errors are corrected. The Editor reserves the right to make minor changes to the final proof, without further consultation with the author, for reasons of production time.

The publication of any manuscript is subject to a contract with transfer of rights for electronic and/or paper distribution. This contract is checked and co-signed by the author, the IRASEC management and a representative of the CNRS, the supervisory body of IRASEC. Authors are obliged to obtain permission to reproduce any part of their manuscript for which the copyright is held by a third party (in particular, extracts of text and illustrations).

Reprint or publication of translations at the request of the author. The author retains the right to reproduce or represent all or part of his text within the framework of his research or teaching activities carried out for non-commercial purposes, subject to prior information of IRASEC and to the exact mention of the references of the original publication and of the holder of the exploitation right. If the author intends to publish the work in a language other than that of the original edition, whatever it may be, he/she will first propose the edition or co-edition to IRASEC. In the absence of a response within three months, the author will be free to use the text, subject to the same conditions as above.


Recommendations to authors

Download the document below for more information about the editorial charter and the procedures to follow when submitting a manuscript.