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Statutory Researchers

Statutory Researchers include CNRS independent/appointed researchers and research lecturers.
This team of researchers includes the following members :


Adjunct Researchers

The requests for association mainly concern researchers and statutory lecturers in local universities, who are required to collaborate with IRASEC and researchers and lecturers, whether statutory or not, who are carriers of collective projects carried out at IRASEC.
Projects must fall within the laboratory’s privileged thematic areas. Projects proposing cooperation and co-financing with other institutions in France, Europe and the region will be given priority.
In the autumn, the unit’s director receives requests for the association of researchers or doctoral candidates for the coming year. The application must include a letter of motivation describing the proposed project in association with IRASEC (with document attached if necessary), a CV. On the advice of the Laboratory Council, the Director shall accept or refuse these requests.
Applications may also be submitted for recent doctoral candidates or doctors in Bangkok or the Southeast Asia region.
IRASEC scholarship students are partners by right for a period of 2 years. The association takes the form of the signature of an association charter for a renewable period of 2 years.

Scholarship Awardees / Associated Doctoral Candidates

Each year, IRASEC awards various scholarships. The selection of applicants is undertaken by the Research Council. A scholarship awardee is expected to submit a manuscript to IRASEC, the purpose of which would be to culminate in a publication within the “Carnets de l’IRASEC” Collection of Discussion Papers.

At present, the awardees of IRASEC scholarships are :

Former Fellows