The Myanmar Crisis seen from the Borders

Affiche The Myanmar crisis seen from the borders

Webinar co-organized by RCSD and IRASEC
15 December 2021, 6.30 pm – 8.30 pm

Registration required: ​https://cmu-th.zoom.us/meeting/register


While the crisis is still raging in Myanmar, borders areas are under high migration and health pressure among others. Since the coup, thousands of people, fleeing violence of the Tatmadaw, try to make their way to borders, finding themselves in a very vulnerable situation -if not under fire again- hoping to get into a refugee camp or in any safer area in neighboring countries. In turn, the influx is a burden for the latter. Adding again to the complexity of the situation in a context of notorious underdevelopment, borders areas have already known over decades regular waves of migrants, the overall move leading to a humanitarian crisis.

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9 décembre 2021