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The Resurgence of Sea Piracy in Southeast Asia

Éric Frécon
Irasec, Bangkok, 2008, 131 p.
ISBN : aucun-none
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1 – From Myths To Historical Reality

- Mediterranean Piracy: From Ulysses To Barberousse
- Ocean Piracy: From The Atlantic Coasts To Madagascar
- Is History Going Backwards ? From The Networks Of The Malay Archipelago To The Brigands Of Southeast Asia


2 – Conditions Favoring The Emergence Of Piracy

- The Causes Related To The Milieu
- Political Causes
- Socio-Economic Causes
- Legal Causes


3 – The Various Manifestations Of Maritime Piracy In Southeast Asia

- Minor Piracy ( “Minor Armed Robbery”- MAR)
- Organised Piracy (“Armed Robbery and Agression of Intermediate Degree” - ARAID)
- International Piracy (“Serious Criminal Hijacking”- SCH)
- Para-Piracy


4 – The Stakes Of Piracy In Southeast Asia

- Economic And Commercial Stakes
- The Diplomatic Stakes
- Environmental And Human Stakes


5 – From Myths To Historic Realities

- The Divergence of Interests, Main Reason for the Lack of Legal Uniformity
- Towards a (Re) Definition of Criteria


6 – Initial Reactions Of The Multilateral Players

- Informative Approach

- Violent Approach: Resorting To The “New Mercenaries”


7 – Delayed Reactions From Countries

- Obstacles Disappear, Countries Appear
- Unilateral Initiatives of the Nations
- Bi- Or Trilateral Initiatives
- Multilateral Initiatives