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Isolationism ot the Self-Preservation of Burma’s Military Regime

Renaud Egreteau & Larry Jagan
Irasec, Bangkok, décembre 2008, 92 p.
ISBN : 978-974-383-406-6
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Table of Contents


Authors’ Biographies


Chapter One: Isolation chosen or endured? A Burmese history of isolationist withdrawals since Independence

1 - Neutralism, Insurgency and Autarchy: Burma’s uneasy relations with the outside world (1948-1988)
2 - Enter the SLORC: a tactical breaking out of isolation throughout the 1990s


Chapter Two: The entrenchment of the Burmese junta: the return of nationalist hardliners since 2003

1 - Depayin crackdown and its regional implications (2003)
2 - Khin Nyunt’s sacking and the purge of the “MI” (2004)
3 - Naypyidaw’s transfer and the isolation within


Chapter Three: The Politics of “Isolationism without Isolation”

1 - Backing away from ASEAN (2006-2007)
2 - Limits to the Sino-Burmese partnership
3 - Cautiously gentling with India
4 - Diversifying its partnerships outside its direct neighbourhood



Academic References


The Authors


Renaud Egreteau holds degrees in Oriental Studies (Hindi) and a Ph.D in Political Science (maj. Asian Studies) from the Institute of Political Sciences of Paris, France (cum laude, 2006). His Dissertation, written in French, dealt with the “Sino-Indian rivalry through Burma and its limits since 1988”. He is the author of Wooing the Generals – India’s New Burma Policy (New Delhi, CSH-Authorspress, 2003). As a political scientist, he has been focusing his academic research on Burma’s geopolitical situation, India’s Foreign Policy (with regard to Asia and China) and India’s North-Eastern States instability.

Larry Jagan holds a Masters in Education (1979), Bachelor of Arts, with honours in History (1971) and a Diploma of Education (1972) from Monash University in Australia. For the last eight years, he has worked as a freelance journalist and political analyst based in Bangkok, writing extensively on Burma and the region. Previously he worked for the BBC World Service as News and Current Affairs editor for the Asia and Pacific Region.