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Investigating the Grey Areas of the Chinese communities in Southeast Asia

Dirigé par Arnaud Leveau
Irasec, Bangkok, mars 2007, 168 p.
ISBN : 978-974-7709-40-7
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Table of Contents



List of Contributors


The Papers

– The Ang-yi or Chinese Secret Societies of Thailand. Understanding  a Total Social Phenomenon (Jean Baffie – CNRS-University of Provence)

– The Triads: Past and Present (T. A. Bancroft – BSc (Hons), MSc)

– Political influences of the Chinese communities in Thailand and Myanmar (Ratanaporn Dhammakosol, Politic Counscellor)

– Grey Side of Chinese Community in Indonesia (Frans Hendra Winarta –  S.H., M.H)

– Triad Involvement in the Sex Service Industry in Hong Kong  and Its Impacts on Southeast Asia (Dr CHU Yiu Kong, Assistant Professor – Department of Sociology, The University of Hong Kong)

– The Chinese diaspora and prostitution at the Thai-Malay frontier (Hat Yai, Sadao-Dannok, Betong and Sungai Kolok) (Dr. Emmanuel – Dialma, Jurist, AFESIP Campaign Director – and Dr. Pierre Le Roux, Ethnologist – AFESIP Research Unit Director)

– Triads : From street level to transnational crime, by Peter Michael, Journalist



– Notes on the Chinese communities in Burma and Thailand (Guy Lubeigt – CNRS-PRODIG)

– Notes on the foreign mafias in Thailand (Jean Baffie – CRNS University of Provence)

– Historical note on the Chinese communities in South-East Asia (Alain Forest – University of Paris VII, CNRS)

– Links between Organized Crime and terrorist networks (Philippe Migaux – Chief police superintendent, French Embassy in Malaysia


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