Socialist and Post-Socialist Urbanisms

Couverture Socialist and Post-Socialist UrbanismsCritical Reflections from a Global Perspective

Dirigé par Lisa B.W. Drummond et Douglas Young
2020, 336 p.
ISBN 9781442632530

Emmanuelle PEYVEL a participé au livre dirigé par L. Drummond and D. Young, Socialist and Post-Socialist Urbanisms: Critical Reflections from a Global Perspective, avec le chapitre écrit avec Marie GIBERT intitulé "The Reshaping of Post-Socialist Hồ Chí Minh City: Leisure Practices and Social Control".

Socialist cities have special qualities which endure in particular, subtle, and often under-theorized ways. This book engages with socialism on a global scale, as well as the variety of socialist urbanisms and post-socialist urbanisms, and the range of ways in which globalization intersects with changes in socialist and post-socialist cities.

Offering a unique international comparative focus, the book’s fourteen case studies from Asia, Europe, Latin America, and Africa are grouped under three main themes: housing experiences and life trajectories, planning and architecture, and governance and social order. Featuring contributors from a range of disciplinary backgrounds and research foci, Socialist and Post-Socialist Urbanisms brings together a collection of essays on cities that are often overlooked in mainstream urban studies.

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