The Opportunity for a Civil Code in Myanmar

Logo of Multimedia UniversityUn article de Rémi NGUYEN, chercheur associé à l'Irasec, vient de paraître dans "Asian Journal of Law and Policy" : The Opportunity for a Civil Code in Myanmar.

If the modern concept of codification is seen as a Code, Myanmar experienced for long time official and various codifications in a broad interpretation of the term. Indeed, Dhammathat has been used in the Ancient Burma. Moreover, a Burma Code related to the codification of Indian Common Law has been established in the country through the British colonisation. Since the independence of the country, the government continues to compile statutes law and case law on a year-by-year basis. Nowadays, codification can be used to solve legal uncertainty and conflict of laws in civil law such as family law, contract law and property law. Hence, Myanmar needs to modernise its civil law and could do it through a Civil Code. Therefore, this modernisation can be a great opportunity to achieve the legal, social and political unity in the country.

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