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4 events on Sustainable Development


Cycliste dans une crueCarbone Neutrality, Air Pollution, Marine Plastic Pollution, Biodiversity, Health and Climate


In light of the alarming figures on climate change, the emergence of new pollutants, biodiversity and public health in Southeast Asia, the French and Japanese Embassies in Thailand are joining forces with ESCAP to organise four satellite events of the Asia Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development (APFSD), and are calling on our decision-makers to implement concrete actions on the ground. Christine CABASSET will contribute for IRASEC to the panel « Leaking Cities in South-East Asia: Marine Plastic Pollution ».

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. Press Release

. Invitation « Carbone Neutrality. The Future of South-East Asia », 22 March - 12h15- 13h45

. Invitation « Black Carbon: The Dark Side of Human Activity », 22 March - 15h - 16h30

. Invitation « Leaking Cities in South-East Asia: Marine Plastic Pollution », 23 March - 16h15 - 17h45, a discussion in which Christine Cabasset will participate

. Invitation « eLearning: Integrated action on Biodiversity/ Ecosystems, Health and Climate », 24 March - 16h15 - 17h45

22 March 2021